Business, Economic and Legal Translations

Dear Customer,

My website is devoted to professional translations from/to Russian, English, Belarusian and Czech and other language services. I have a professional attitude and provide high quality, a strict observance of deadlines, favourable prices and a guarantee of confidentiality to my customers.

The advantages of cooperation with me as a private translator are effectiveness, quickness, flexibility and a personal approach. You will not pay extra charges for mediation, for express translations or for specialized translations. This cooperation is suitable mainly for medium-sized and small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals.

I have years of translation practice, more than 10 years experience in external trade (mostly in machinery) and marketing, university education, general erudition and, certainly, a good knowledge of languages to help me to achieve high-quality translations in my principal specialisations (business, economy, finance and law) but also in some other areas (for example, engineering, production, pharmaceutics and so on).

I accept an order only if I am sure that I can execute it with a high level of quality, because my goal is satisfaction and the international success of my customers.

I look forward to our cooperation,

Natálie Jampílková